Welcome to Wattle Consultancy:

Strengthening & empowering communities in regional Australia through program development, grant confidence, and insightful research.

At Wattle Consultancy, we’re dedicated to supporting the growth and development of regional, rural, and remote communities throughout Australia.

Our unique triple-pronged approach ensures that individuals, groups, businesses, and government agencies can achieve their goals and positively impact their communities.

Our Triple-Pronged Approach

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Elevating Community Program Design

Are you ready to turn your community’s dreams into reality? With our Assure service, we tap into the existing skills and potential within your community to create impactful programs. Our tailored approach identifies your community’s strengths and crafts a framework that leads to success.


Unlocking Grant Writing Confidence

Securing funding is essential for community growth. Our Prosper service specializes in grant writing that ensures your projects stand out. Whether it’s refining your proposals or reviewing applications, we’re here to increase your chances of obtaining the financial support you need.

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Illuminating Insights Through Social Research

Empower your community with data-driven insights through our Reflect service.

From Social Impact Assessments to public engagement initiatives, our social research expertise uncovers the information you need to drive positive change.

Meet Wattle Consultancy Founder, Mikaela Kerwin

Hello, I’m Mikaela, the Founder and Director of Wattle Consultancy. Having lived in regional areas most of my life, I’ve witnessed the inequalities faced by our communities. Wattle Consultancy was born from my desire to bridge this gap, providing access to grants and programs that empower our communities to thrive.

At Wattle Consultancy, we’re committed to transcending barriers that hinder community growth. We focus on projects that enhance climate resilience, disaster responses, and community connection. By nurturing these aspects, we foster economic and social opportunities while preserving our natural environment.

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Kind words from our clients

We’re here for you and your local community, Australia-wide.

While we’re headquartered in Bunbury, Western Australia, our impact knows no bounds.

We offer online consultations, making it convenient for us to work with clients across Australia. Our commitment to community success extends to travelling to your region for immersive projects.

When you choose Wattle Consultancy, you’re choosing a partner dedicated to your community’s growth. Let’s work together to build a future where regional, rural, and remote Australia thrives.

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At Wattle Consultancy, we’re not just consultants; we’re partners in your community’s success.

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Community-Centric Approach:

We’re all about your community’s success. Our values are deeply rooted in empowering regional, rural, and remote areas, ensuring that our work resonates with the needs and aspirations of your unique community.

Inclusive Collaboration:

We thrive when we bring everyone to the table – from government agencies to businesses and community groups.

Our strength lies in fostering open discussions that harmonise diverse visions.

Real Solutions, Real Impact:

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Every community has its own story, and our approach reflects this.

We’re committed to delivering solutions that make a tangible difference where it matters most.

Authenticity and Adaptability:

Just like the regions we serve, we’re down-to-earth and adaptable. Our values reflect the genuine care we have for your success.

We’re not just consultants – we’re partners in your journey towards a thriving community.

Wattle Consultancy was founded on Wardandi Noongar Boodja. We are privileged to live and work on Aboriginal land and are deeply appreciative of all the Nations around Australia. We extend our genuine respect to all Elders past and present across the nation. We support and celebrate the ongoing and infinite connection that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People have to the land, waterways and sky. We recognise that colonisation has had a devastating impact on this connection, and that the impact of colonisation is continued across the nation today.

Sovereignty was never ceded over the land that’s now referred to as Australia.
Always Was, Always Will Be Aboriginal Land.