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An approach as unique as your community

Diverse regions demand tailored solutions. Whether we’re working with government, private companies, or your local community group, we’re all about blending different ideas into a win-win outcome for regional communities.

Empowering Your Community's Potential

Our ethos revolves around empowerment, innovation, and genuine engagement. We stand as a conduit between your aspirations and actionable solutions. With a deep commitment to regional success, our approach combines problem-solving prowess with technical expertise, fostering an environment where your community or organisation can truly flourish.

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About Mikaela Kerwin

Our founder’s vision

Greetings! I’m Mikaela Kerwin, the Founder and Director of Wattle Consultancy. Having grown up in regional communities, including Kyogle on Bundjalung Country and Bunbury on Noongar Boodja, I’ve witnessed firsthand the disparities in resource distribution.

With a background in community development, social research, and town planning, I’ve traversed local government, non-profit, and private sectors. My focus has always been on fostering meaningful and sustainable positive change. Understanding the unique challenges our regions face, I recognized the need for accessible services and resources, prompting the birth of Wattle Consultancy.

Based in Bunbury, WA - Anchored in Community

I’m a keen problem solver and an enthusiastic chatter, and I’ve found that when combined these skills can result in a plethora of innovative solutions. Paired with my technical skills as a social scientist and town planner, I’m positioned to empower your community or organisation to flourish.

I’m living in Bunbury, WA, and outside my work I like to keep busy at the local football (soccer) club, reading about innovative land-use and societal changes (what can I say, I’m obsessed with the sector) and spending time with friends.

What’s important to us
(Hint... it’s you)

Community-Centric Approach:

We’re all about your community’s success. Our values are deeply rooted in empowering regional, rural, and remote areas, ensuring that our work resonates with the needs and aspirations of your unique community.

Inclusive Collaboration:

We thrive when we bring everyone to the table – from government agencies to businesses and community groups.

Our strength lies in fostering open discussions that harmonise diverse visions.

Real Solutions, Real Impact:

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Every community has its own story, and our approach reflects this.

We’re committed to delivering solutions that make a tangible difference where it matters most.

Authenticity and Adaptability

Just like the regions we serve, we’re down-to-earth and adaptable. Our values reflect the genuine care we have for your success.

We’re not just consultants – we’re partners in your journey towards a thriving community.

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Wattle Consultancy was founded on Wardandi Noongar Boodja. We are privileged to live and work on Aboriginal land and are deeply appreciative of all the Nations around Australia. We extend our genuine respect to all Elders past and present across the nation. We support and celebrate the ongoing and infinite connection that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People have to the land, waterways and sky. We recognise that colonisation has had a devastating impact on this connection, and that the impact of colonisation is continued across the nation today.

Sovereignty was never ceded over the land that’s now referred to as Australia.
Always Was, Always Will Be Aboriginal Land.